About me

Hi! My name is Laurent, I’m 30 something and I live in Lyon, France.

Natural born curious, gamer, and dreamer. I always loved making cool things with my computer. Even if I made a lot of stuff back then, I decided very early that my professional life would be full of video games. I worked several years on AAA console games for big publishers and now I’m making my way as an indie with my own company called Monkey Moon.

Since I started Monkey Moon I live an awesome journey that I need to share. This blog is my personnal blog. Even if I will surely talk a lot about Monkey Moon, the content you will find here is not directly related to the company. See this blog as a traveler’s log book where I talk freely of the other aspect of my job that I can’t tell on the company blog: the personnal aspect.

I try to be a bit more than a code monkey.