January 20, 2014

Some of you may think I am dead. Some of you may think Monkey Moon is about to be shut down. Some of you are wrong.

It’s a fact, seen from outside, Monkey Moon has not been very productive lately. I’ve spent the last two weeks on an island, far from France, far from video games and technology, far from the constant pressure of being successful and living my dream on the edge. This little trip in Sri Lanka made me think A LOT about what happened to me in 2013 and what I want to happen for my team and I this year.

Since HarshQuad (WP8 and W8) nothing has been released from Monkey Moon, and not much news have been given. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t worked all this time. To be honest we have killed a project and designed several others. After HarshQuad everything was crazy… and I needed a break, I needed to take some time far from the game development. This break was way longer than expected, I have to admit this. Everyday I feel really sorry for not having been productive enough to continue making things right after HarshQuad. I simply discovered that a game is not finished once it hits the store. A game, especially on smartphone and tablet, is simply never finished. Marketing a game takes more time than I thought and it’s pretty hard to market and promote a game that you can’t love like you used to because you have spent too much time on it. This post is not here to make a post-mortem of HarshQuad but simply to explain why the game is still not available on iOS and Android. It’s not there essentially because I have hard times working on it like I did 10 months ago. But I have to fight my needs to make another game to finish HarshQuad once for all. This little break in Sri Lanka helped me to re-organize my plans and my priorities.

I was having a hard time working and being motivated lately. But I feel like this blog could have helped me go through this. Sharing my thoughts with you has always been a great way to stay in the game. In other words: I need you.

So yes, I have plans. HarshQuad is still part of them, but there are a LOT of other things coming up in 2014 from me, and from Monkey Moon. As you may imagine I can’t speak about them right now but they are all important to me. And I have the feeling, more than ever, that I have the perfect team on my side to make the best games possible. It’s very reconforting to feel like you are surrounded by talented people who have the same desire to make good things in the greatest way possible. Anyway, the only thing I can disclose about my projects for now is that you can expect to hear from me pretty soon with a small fan game made from pure love and good memories.

I’m more motivated than ever but it’s a fact that this year will be tough and full of challenges. The thing is that we have no right to fail… if we fail to make our plans come true it’ll be hard to bounce and shine again. Even if these upcoming challenges frighten me a bit, I know that we can make it, and once we do, I know how blown your minds will be because what we are baking for you is just so unique that we know you will love it :) - and if you don’t we’ll still love you, don’t worry. I’m prepared for the next round and ready to fight like I used to.

Another year full of projects and I can’t wait to show you more of these.

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