November 16, 2013

On November 7th of 2012 I officially created Monkey Moon and since then, the sentence I used the most was: “we’ll see where we’ll be in a year”. Guess what? A year has passed and we’re still alive.

I’m still working on HarshQuad’s post-mortem so I won’t spoil too much here, but I wanted to share my joy (and my surprise) to still have the possibility to do what I want even a year after everything has begun.

When I started this whole journey I knew everything would be hard as you can read TONS of sad stories about indies full of dreams and good will who crash badly without seeing the end of the first year. I have to admit that I’m a pessimistic person, and to me, it was almost impossible that the decision to go indie ends well or last more than a year. I still don’t know how or where it will finish, but now I’m happy to have been wrong about the duration.

If you’ve been following me for some times, you know what happened and how incredible it was, but in my great egotrip (hey, it’s kind of a birthday to me!) here is a short recap.

One of the most important thing that happened to Monkey Moon was being accepted as part of the AppCampus program. Then the whole trip in Finland offered us a new perspective and new opportunities. Becoming very close to Microsoft and Nokia is one of those opportunities. Even months after, I’m still troubled to imagine that my tiny company has been able in less than a year to partner with Microsoft and Nokia (in fact, there is a third HUGE partner but due to legal stuff I can’t talk about them). It’s so incredible. Then HarshQuad landed on several devices (we’ll talk about it in a later post don’t worry). These partnerships offered me the opportunity to represent French video game developers in the French National Assembly which for me is a real pride. I know such opportunity is way beyond my reach and won’t happen again but it was a very important experience to me, I’m glad to have taken this role.

Whee, crazy year right? Can you imagine that everything happened thanks to HarshQuad? Which is, to me, a tiny-smallish game very far from what we can actually achieve… Now imagine what can happen if we start working on bigger games? I can’t wait to know.

Don’t worry, I know we have been lucky, because it’s not the usual way for a small independant studio to start. Beginning our trip hands in hands with huge companies to help us and provide money to be sure that we can do what we want is not a very common story among my indie friends. The more I meet other indie developers the more I realize that we have been very lucky. It seems that the normal path is “you should be almost dead before hoping to get your first bill”.

I don’t know what this new year will bring, but… you know… we’ll see where we’ll be in a year.

P.S: dear readers and friends, thank you for still being here to read me, and sometimes encourage me to become a better game developer. I still do, and I surely will forever do, games for you.

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