What you should know about Game Design Documents

Communicating is hard. When your job implies to communicate ideas, game mechanics, or subtle feelings to a team of various talents it can become very hard to be understandable. That's where Game Design Documents come into play. However you have to be aware of their strengths and limitations to write the most efficient documents possible.

How deal with negativity

When you release something it's almost impossible that everybody loves it. It's even more true for games. If you plan to release a game you have to be prepared for some negativity coming from you or from the Internets. Here are a few tips.

How to prepare an announcement

Communication is essential to game developers. Sometimes, if you want to sell a game, it’s unfortunately even more important than the game itself. That's why you have to be well prepared before every major announcement. Here are a few tips.

How to organize a play test

Because of the human nature it can be very difficult to get honest feedback on the game you're making. Here are a few things to know to get the most of your play test sessions.

How to follow the five major milestones of game development

Making a game is a long and difficult activity. It is then very important to prepare the work even before starting. Knowing how to use the five major milestones of game development helps to keep track of the progress and to always be prepared for what comes next.

How mini games can help you make better things

It can be very hard to stay focused on the same project for too long. It can be very frustrating to be stuck on a very specific technique, platform, language on your main project while the technical world is constantly changing. Developing mini games can help.

What you should know about game prototypes

It's easy to mix-up game prototype and alpha version. Don't fool yourself thinking you can build a game on foundations based on code made for a prototype. Here is what you should know about game prototypes.

Why you should be the first to invest money in your game.

Making a game is expensive... but you should think twice before not buying a software licence because you can find another one for free.

Why you should write post-mortems of your games

Imagine all the mistakes you made in your previous game. If only a method could help you to be sure to improve yourself and learn from your previous mistakes... If only...

When to start talking about your game

It's very hard to find the right moment to talk about your game project. Even more when you love what you are working on. Even if the right moment is different for every one of us, there are few things you should know on this topic.