About Me

Hi! My name is Laurent Victorino, and this is my personnal blog.

Natural born curious, gamer, and dreamer, I always loved to smash my keyboard randomely waiting for cool things to happen. Even if I made a lot of different stuff back then, I decided very early that my professional life would be full of video games. I worked several years on AAA console games for big publishers and now I'm making my way as an independant with my own company Monkey Moon.

Even if I'm fluent in C, C++ and C#, I like to write scripts in various languages, such as Python, Ruby, PHP or LUA. Now expert in Unity3D I gave several conferences and classes about this engine for big companies like Nokia or Microsoft. As I try to be a bit more than a code monkey I love talking about video game development in places people don't expect to see it. With that in mind, I taught Game Design to a 20 art student class during a year and a half, and I often teach what's behind video games to group of teenagers in several museums. Because I love helping others I even sometimes do freelance missions.

Since I started Monkey Moon I met a lot of people in need of advice, help or details about what it is to be an independant game developer. This blog is here to help. I will share what I learnt along the way about various aspects of the indie game dev life. I sincerely hope my experience will help someone.

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