Game Dev For Hire

As I'm a curious programmer I always love to work with new people on new projects. Sometimes I'm even ok to do freelance missions if I can help other cool projects and teams to rise.

If you have an awesome project on what you need an extra programmer for a short amount of time, I might be able to help. I'm an experienced (10+ years) video game programmer, specialized in UI and Gameplay programming. I have worked on very small and gigantic games and I love both sizes as long as the game is fresh and I can help. Even if I have done a lot of C/C++ development I am now expert in Unity3D, and I often give classes and conference about the engine. I also have taught Game Design for several years, because it's a nice tool to have for a programmer. I have already helped several other teams at various states of their projects (from prototyping to pre-launch version)

If you feel like I could help you, feel free to contact me.

Current status: available for hire