When the game is over

When you start something as demanding and intense as making a video game on your own, it's important to know when it's time to stop.

Why making great games during jams is not enough to run a company

Game jams are essential to challenge your creativity but, don't fool yourself, making games during jams can't prepare yourself to running a game studio.

Why you should know your audience gaming habits

Gaming philosophy and habits are very platform related. A smartphone gamer won't expect the same than a console gamer. It's important for you to know the difference it makes.

How to survive a networking meeting

If you're an independant game developer working on your own games, there are chances that you will have to attend a networking meeting to find money at some point. Don't stress too much, here are few tips you need to know in order to survive.

Why you should care about game accessibility

Some people don't play games. Not because they don't want, but because we, game developer, don't allow them to play. Accessibility in games is important, here is what you should know.

How to become a better programmer

Being a good programmer is great. But knowing how to adapt, learn and be a better programmer can save the day.

Things you should know about artists

Game artists are different. They can create beauty and transform an ugly piece of code into something visually subtle. However working with them require some knowledge about their habits and work that game programmers should know.

What Kickstarter taught us about game development

Kickstarter has changed the game industry forever, but has it helped gamers to understand the challenges of game development?

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